The roaring ’20s are approaching. 100 years ago, that meant alcohol prohibition. We fought against such conservative restrictions and won. In 2020, with a monumental (and stressful as hell) presidential election upon us, it’s time to end the prohibition on a much safer, scientifically speaking, substance; cannabis.

It couldn’t be a more perfect time to release my book, Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis for Self-Care. I would argue that self-care *is* selfish; that’s the whole point, and furthermore, that’s important. If we don’t make time to care for ourselves we deal with burnout, crankiness, and are more likely to get sick.

Here are nine ways that I find cannabis for self-care healing for the mind, body, and spirit—and I hope you do too. Let’s fight for cannabis in 2020. And let’s fight for ourselves, by taking care of ourselves.

Meditate on marijuana

Most Americans grew up on myths about “marijuana.” Science shows you can’t overdose. While psychological dependence is something to personally monitor, to be sure, weed isn’t addicting. And a gateway drug? You’re much more likely to snort something you shouldn’t after tequila shots than a joint. In other cultures, for instance in Rastafarian culture in the Caribbean, cannabis is understood to be a sacred plant.

Even the most woke of us can benefit from toking up and doing a gratitude meditation for cannabis. You may surprise yourself at the hang-ups you still carry with you, such as shame for using the plant, but with a little weed and a little self-awareness you can move past those, and finally enjoy it guilt-free in 2020.

Experiment with dosing

Anytime I hear someone say that they don’t like cannabis because it makes them anxious, I wish I could hand them a nice edible dosed with 2.5mg of THC and 2.5mg of CBD and draw them a warm bath. THC is a drug. It’s safe, you can experiment all you want without overdosing, but it’s still a drug. So before 2020 goes into full roar, take the time to find a dose that’s comfortable for you.

Once you establish a baseline, you can take notes to learn the best dose for social anxiety, for a headache, and for when you want to see music and taste colors. Let us not forget that cannabis, in larger doses, is a psychedelic. While microdosing is very safe and trendy, sometimes we can all use an ego death, and you don’t need an ayahuasca ceremony to achieve it.

Use cannabis bath products

We have significant evidence that touts cannabis’ anti-inflammatory properties. It’s why CBD can treat forms of epilepsy and a CBD-infused topical can comfort sore feet. Have you ever wanted to just cover your entire body in weed? By adding cannabis oil, or a bath bomb to your already relaxing bath, you can soak your entire body in the plant’s pain-relieving and relaxing powers.

Keep a topical at your desk

If you type all day long, you know about sore wrists. Tendonitis and carpal tunnel are both caused by swelling. Keep a CBD (or CBD with THC if you are a medical patient or live in a legal state) topical at your desk. Take breaks every few hours to massage the medicine into your wrist. In addition to pain relief, you may save yourself a doctor’s visit.

Use cannabis as a nutritional supplement

First THC was the cool kid because, obviously, she gets you high. Currently chill and chic CBD is giving THC a run for her money, though. Together, in full-spectrum cannabis or hemp seed oils and seeds, they also act as a nutritional supplement. They contain protein, fatty acids, vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc…shall I continue? Rethink what you know about what cannabis can do for you this year—and start by adding hemp milk or seeds to your smoothie.

Explore different intake methods

Humans like routine. You have your THC vaporizer, or your CBD tincture, and you enjoy your ritual of packing a bowl each night. But have you ever used a vaginal suppository for period cramps? Expand your appreciation for the plant and your own self-care regime by trying something brand new in 2020. There’s nothing like it for menstrual pain, we promise.

Add it to your sex life

*takes a deep breath* A cannabis suppository used vaginally or anally can make sex more comfortable by increasing blood flow to the region and reducing pain, without numbing you out. Cannabis topicals can also enhance orgasm, and studies suggest that ingesting or inhaling cannabis with a partner can boost intimacy by reducing our negative bias, basically meaning we’re less bitchy. And if you’re into kink, apply a cannabis topical to any bruises from spanking or other impact play.

Know your local laws

Consider this: you may qualify for a medical card in your state/country and not even know it. Or, you might be able to grow your own cannabis plants. What are your state’s possession laws? Knowing your local laws leads to less stress. Less stress means better vibes. It is an act of self-care and your duty as a cannabis-loving citizen to familiarize yourself with the local laws. Add it to that new year’s resolution list!

Use cannabis to heal

Sure, it might be smart to skip smoking if you have a sinus infection. But cannabis is an anti-inflammatory, and inflammation is responsible for just about everything that ails us. THC and CBD are also natural pain-relievers, and can help us relax and rest. The next time you get a cold, add a CBD tincture to your healing regimen. They don’t call it medicine for nothing, bb. Plus, we need you at full force; the revolution is here!

By Sophie Saint Thomas

January 7, 2020

Sophie Saint Thomas is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn originally from the US Virgin Islands. Her writing is published in GQ, Playboy, VICE, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Allure, Glamour, Marie Claire, and more.