Anecdotally, cannabis is marvellous for those of us dealing with menstruation, but research just hasn’t caught up yet. While innovation is desperately needed in the medical and scientific realms, cannabis purveyors on all sides are working to give pain relief to those who need it. This may only be the beginning of the conversation, but it’s already clear that cannabis has so much promise when it comes to periods.

Here at Miss Grass, we know that periods can be a problem, but we also know that solutions really do abound. Try some of these pain reducing, mess preventing, potentially life-changing aids to minimize whatever part of the bloody spectrum ails you.

Get In There

Internal cannabis is sometimes the only thing that works for people with periods. Leafly editor Bailey Rahn tells us her go-to inflammation reduction strategies, some that work from the inside out, “We all know that cannabis can be a great solution to irritability, stress, and other signature PMS symptoms. Using cannabis for PMS can be as simple as finding the strain or product that you enjoy most,” she says.

“However, there are a few products specifically designed for symptoms like menstrual cramps. Vaginal suppositories—like Foria Basics—are meant to target localized pain from cramping. So far, women who’ve tried these rave about them—and better yet, research is underway to further explore their benefits.”

Foria‘s line of products are people pleasers through and through, but even without a suppository, you can try a few squirts of Foria Awaken lubricant on a tampon too.

Foria Basic Suppositories, $72

Anxiety Addressing

For those of us with mental health issues, menstruation can exacerbate symptoms and render coping mechanisms useless. Ramp up your CBD dosage with a vape like Wildflower’s CBD+ Vaporizer. 

The lavender and peppermint notes of the formula help CBD do its icey-cool thing, calming you down before you straight up boil over. Works like a charm.

Wildflower CBD+ Vaporizer
Wildflower CBD+ Vaporizer, $60

Blood Blocking

Period underwear is all the rage and Lunapads have the track record you’re looking for with period products. Their absorbent underwear comes with a removable insert that you can use with oil-based pain products without risking the integrity of the entire garment.

Maxi Inserts are also affordable and allow for handy color-coding to designate which one is pain relief backup and which is for regular ol’ bleeding. Best of all, their period boxer shorts are a solid genderless option that are inclusive, while also preventing overnight leakage.

Lunapads Boxer Brief, $41.99

Rub a Dub

Rubbing a soothing balm on your belly when it’s that time of the month is a tradition as old as time, and with good reason. This Moontime Soothe from Plant Alchemy eases menstrual cramps topically and helps with dysmenorrhea pain by encouraging abdominal muscles to relax.

Plus, the smell of lavender and rose can do wonders for the nervous system—taking you from a downright crying mess, to a mildly uncomfortable but much-improved crying mess.

Plant Alchemy Moontime Soothe, $65

Stack the CBD

You may need a much higher dose of CBD to get pain relief, especially if you’re a regular cannabis user. Try hitting the pain with an extra strong edible, tincture, or topical—or even combine all of your regular strength items into one hard hitting regimen.

Getting a solid dose of CBD internally and externally can help finally extinguish the inflammation. Try Irie CBD Feminine Blend Tincture, designed specifically for period issues.

Irie CBD Feminine Blend Tincture for Periods
Irie CBD Feminine Blend Tincture for Periods, $38

Take It on the Run

It’s not the most eco-friendly option, but if you’re forced to work while dealing with menstrual pain, portable heating pads are great. Take that technique to the next level with this Japanese beauty secret: Yomogi Mugwort Pads. These boxes sell out in Japan—and my local beauty shop in New York—regularly. Their heating element and herb combo helps to drop your pain down a couple of notches.

Menstruation and cannabis are both breaking barriers and taboos faster than they can reorganize them, and that’s because the silence hurts. Painful menstruation and related conditions are sometimes more serious than they seem. Talking to your doctor about pain is the first step to addressing it and finding a treatment plan which cannabis can play a role in. Good luck!

Yomogi Mugwort Heat Pads, $30

Soak In It

If you’re lucky enough to have a bath, then congratulations; your period relief world just opened up. CBD-infused bath salts are the most immersive way to relax your mind and body.

Vertly’s healing salts come stacked botanical infusions (think marjoram, yarrow, and rosemary) as well as everyone’s favorite calming cannabinoid. Top it off with an essential oil blend, and you’ve got yourself a bathroom party going.

Vertly Hemp CBD Infused Bath Salts
Vertly Hemp CBD Infused Bath Salts, $29

Patch it Up

Sometimes though, you don’t have time to even check your phone, let alone take a bath. That’s where quick and easy period allies like the Period Patch from The Good Patch can help take the edge off.

They contain 15mg of premium hemp extract as well as menthol, which means you can slap it on your belly (or wherever) and let the calm wash over you, and (fingers crossed) kiss goodbye to the cramps for at least another month.

The Good Patch CBD Period
The Good Patch for Periods, $12
By Danielle Guercio

April 8, 2019

Danielle is an New York City-based writer. Off-duty, she enjoys a good cup of coffee, a clean house, cooking gourmet meals, and studying botany, cosmetic chemistry, and natural healing.