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December 7th, 2018

The NEST | Episode 010 on Money

Episode 010 of The NEST — the talkshow about the things we don't talk about — explores the M word. Money makes the world go round and yet we feel shame when we talk about it. Riddle us that!

This week’s episode of The NEST with host Missy Modell is all about money. How do we think about our independence when we don’t have a handle on our finances? But how are we supposed to have a handle on finances when it’s not taught in school and we’re discouraged from speaking about it publicly? Financial advisor Renee Cohen, entrepreneur Michelle Zauzig, and actor-host Clarke Wolfe let it all hang out in this episode of The NEST.

Hosted by Missy Modell, The NEST is a talkshow that tackles the topics that are important to women — things like periods, motherhood, body image, anxiety, finances and more — with a goal to dismantle long held beliefs and shine a fresh light on what it means to be a woman. The NEST is a co-production of Miss Grass and PRØHBTD Media.

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