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November 9th, 2018

Episode 006 | The NEST on Fertility

Episode 006 of The NEST — the talkshow about the things we don't talk about — tackles fertility. To have babies or not to, and navigating everything in between.

Fertility is something we talk about, but only to a point. We talk about wanting babies, having babies, conceiving babies. But rarely do we talking about not wanting babies, difficulty conceiving babies, or having miscarriages. And even when we do discuss these things, we do it in a hush tone.

We have been taught to keep our pregnancies secret until the first trimester is past. We’ve been made to feel shame for choosing not to have children. And we’ve been slapped with prohibitively expensive healthcare bills to make conception even possible, in some instances.

Episode 006 of The NEST tackles fertility. Host Missy Modell chats with Meghan Tonjes, Danielle Perez, Nicole Granato and Markeia Mccarty about the many twists and turns along the way.

Hosted by Missy Modell, The NEST is a talkshow that tackles the topics that are important to women — things like periods, motherhood, body image, anxiety, finances and more — with a goal to dismantle long held beliefs and shine a fresh light on what it means to be a woman. The NEST is a co-production of Miss Grass and PRØHBTD Media.

Watch The NEST on Episode 001 on Periods, Episode 002 on Motherhood, Episode 003 on Anxiety, Episode 004 on Body Image, and Episode 005 on Relationships. Episode oo7 airs November 16.

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