Somehow, even when you actively put a hex on all things Valentine’s, it can be hard not to get swept up in the fanfare. So, if we’re going to surrender to this day after all, why not put a spin all our own on the silliness? Here are some fun ways to slip a little CBD into your Valentine’s antics, no matter the status of your relationship.

The Galentine’s or Guyentine’s or Gayentine’s Dinner

Because your friends are infinitely more fun than almost anyone you could ever date, enjoy V-Day with the ones who matter. Cook dinner at home with CBD-infused olive oil — plus, Hemp + Sage honey is a good addition to a cheese plate — and serve cocktails made with CBD-infused bitters (read our how-to guide on the perfect CBD cocktail). Just don’t forget hangover patches for the next day.

Plant People Olive Oil
Plant People CBD Olive Oil, $34

The Date Night at Home with the Long-Term Hunny

If you don’t have access to a hot tub in the middle of the desert à la The Bachelor, turn your ordinary tub into a romantic getaway for two with CBD-infused Vertly bath salts or a Bliss Ball bath bomb. Afterwards, you can try Foria Awaken CBD lube, a natural blend of aphrodisiacs that increase arousal, promote lubrication, and heighten sensation.

Foria Awaken CBD Lube
Foria Awaken CBD Lube, $48

The Staycation Away From the Kiddos

Take this Hallmark holiday as an opportunity to brush the mac and cheese off your T-shirt and enjoy a night in at home (or a hotel near home) without the “lights of your life.” BEBOE’s Calming CBD Blend Vape and Apothecanna Calming Creme will help you de-stress your body and mind — and then maybe try a calming tincture to get some well-deserved sleep.

BEBOE CBD Calming Blend Vaporizer
BEBOE CBD Calming Blend Vape, $75

The First Date with Someone From the Internet

Who knows how tonight could go, so you might as well have a relaxing pre-date routine. Prep your face with CBD-infused tissue-repair facial serum — full of aloe vera juice, vitamin c, and probiotics — which repairs cell damage while being super hydrating. Then, add a swipe of CBD-infused lip balm, so your lips are ready for a makeout sesh, or a dollar slice on your way home when you leave early because they were boring and life is short.

Vertly CBD Lip Balm
Vertly CBD Lip Balm, $22

The Netflix + CBD + Chill

If you’re going on a ~third date with someone you’re really into, you’re probably gonna forgo the formality of a restaurant to “watch” that documentary your coworker recommended. Just in case it’s not as interesting as they said and you end up doing something else, there’s Sexy Time Intimacy Oil. Made with plant ingredients like jasmine, coconut, argan, and CBD to enhance sensitivity and increase blood flow, this oil should be applied about 15 minutes prior to you finding out if you made a good decision swiping right on this person.

Life Elements Bath Bomb
Life Elements CBD Bath Bomb, $14

The Solo Night-In, Because Valentine’s Day is Manifactured and WTF Cares

There are plenty of products to pamper yourself with for a night in binge watching something that’ll make you glad you’re single, like the Ted Bundy Tapes. Relax with Gua Sha & Nourish Facial Oil, using their rose quartz stone massage tool to work in the serum. Combine that with a CBD face mask and Rose Hydrosol spray and you’ll be as relaxed and moist and glossy the Glossier ad Instagram served you earlier today.

cordial organics gua sha
Cordial Organics Gua Sha + Nourish Face Oil, $18
By Sarah Beauchamp

February 7, 2019

Sarah is a culture, politics, and entertainment writer in Brooklyn with bylines at Teen Vogue, NYLON, Huff Post, Bustle, Vanity Fair, Daily Beast, Vulture, O, The Oprah Magazine and and and.