October 23rd, 2018

The NEST | Episode 004 on Body Image

Episode 004 of The NEST — the talkshow about the things we don't talk about — tackles body image. Why do we *all* have issues around it and how can we cope?

Body image is a funny thing. It doesn’t sound like an issue on its face, but peel back a layer and pretty quickly the reality emerges: Issues around body image plague us all in very different ways. So while we all face body image stuff, we can’t always relate on the specifics for each person. For some, an issue around body image will date back to a throwaway comment by a classmate in grade school. For others, it traces back to culture, religion, the way our mom talked about her body, or even acute trauma. Whatever the case, body image angst is a human condition, at lease in our society, and talking about it is one good way to bridge that chasms between our bodies and our minds, our bodies and those of our friends.

Host Missy Modell gets personal with special guests Rachel Evans, Avital Ash, and Ashley Scott.

Hosted by Missy Modell, The NEST is a talkshow that tackles the topics that are important to women — things like periods, motherhood, body image, anxiety, finances and more — with a goal to dismantle long held beliefs and shine a fresh light on what it means to be a woman. The NEST is a co-production of Miss Grass and PRØHBTD Media.

Watch The NEST on Episode 001 on Periods, Episode 002 on Motherhood, and Episode 003 on Anxiety. Episode oo5 airs November 2.

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