February 28th, 2018

The Faces of Cannabis Aren’t What You Think

If cannabis still calls up horrifying memories of being awkwardly high for your first kiss, you're not alone. But the cannabis offering has gotten a whole lot more sophisticated since then. WATCH.

We interviewed 30 women to understand how they integrate cannabis into their lives. These women are not defined by their cannabis consumption. They aren’t layabouts (except when they so choose!). They live full and vibrant lives. They exercise and eat well. They journal and meditate. They are senior executives, actors, comedians, doctors, adult film stars, healers, chefs, coaches, advocates, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. They are women who have designed their own unique paths to wellness, never taking for granted the pervasive and shameful narrative around cannabis—and especially, around cannabis and women.

Say hello to the real faces of cannabis. They’re not what you think.

Directed and produced by Erik Rojas
Edited by Broadway Video Product Services

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