I won’t lie to you, dear readers. Holiday gift-giving is out of control. Go into any store in any mall from November 1 onwards and you’ll see walls of ~stuff~. Not useful stuff. Not like in my day where gifts were utilitarian (socks) and everybody got one per person (gifts, not socks). No, no. Now it’s all fidget spinners and rainbow toys with massive eyes and whatever other tchotchkes will hold the attention of the youth for at least as long as a TikTok video.

But let’s not throw the holiday baby (Jesus?!) out with the bath water. There are still plenty of thoughtful ways to show someone—or yourself—you love and appreciate them. And one of the easiest ways to do this is to solve a problem for them. And we should know. Miss Grass has built its business on addressing the specific needs of cannabis customers, one and all. Needs that might be overlooked elsewhere, like a lack of sleep or a bout of stress. You know, life stuff.

That’s why we’re upping the ante this holiday season. Instead of just offering random solo products, we’re bundling the hell out of them.

Introducing Miss Grass Kits! They’re pretty much exactly what they sound like; bundled kits of the best highly vetted (and def recommended) federally legal hemp-derived CBD products available on Miss Grass—and a few products that have never been offered before—all in a cute AF collectible vinyl tote bag.

And the “$aving” part we mentioned at the top? You can probably guess. Buying yourself or a loved one a Miss Grass Kit means you save cash. An average of about $20, actually.

But the savings aren’t even the best part. That honor goes to the truly considerate gesture that you’re offering someone, in getting them a ~care package~ in every sense of the term. Each Kit caters to a different real-world need. And we all know at least one person whose self-care is mediocre at best.

Whether it’s helping ease stress, sleeping better, bringing more pleasure into the bedroom, taking better care of their skin, managing pain, or even dealing with the side effects of PMS—there’s a Kit with their name on it. Look at you, you generous thoughtful friend! Now let’s check out these puppies.

Miss Grass Sleep Kit

Image of Miss Grass Sleep Kit.
Miss Grass Sleep Kit, $170

Whomst among us hasn’t struggled with a case of the wakey wakeys when we should be getting some shut-eye? But all is not lost for the sleepless. This arsenal of snooze-friendly products is the perfect place to start in 2020 when it comes to doing clean sleep right.


It features our most potent sleep tincture from Mineral (including the sleepiest cannabinoid, CBN, as well as CBD), a calming stone fruit-flavored Bloom Farms mini vape pen that’s perfect for newbs, a Night Night sleep patch from the slow-release CBD lords over at The Good Patch, and a natural silk sleep mask from the luxe sleepwear label Lunya. Thank us in your dreams.

Miss Grass Stress Kit

Image of Miss Grass Stress Kit.
Miss Grass Stress Kit, $140

This may or may not fall into the camp of “things I’ll be buying myself this year,” but it also makes for a delightful gift. Your best friend or parent doesn’t need to know it’s being sold as a “stress kit” after all. Just tell them it’s a CBD starter pack or a “bag of chill.” They’ll love you for it!


It features our shop’s best-selling vape, Beboe’s Calming pen, as well as a Be Calm patch from (you guessed it, the patch purveyors), The Good Patch. One of Lord Jones’ most popular products, their Old Fashioned Gumdrops makes an appearance too. As does cult incense brand, Fredericks and Mae’s Palo Santo offering. I can feel the tension dissipating already.

Miss Grass Sex Kit

Image of Miss Grass Sex Kit.
Miss Grass Sex Kit, $180

Not to be a cliché, but let’s talk about sex, baby! Most of us have it, even if it’s just with ourselves. And as cannabis fans will tell you, there’s a lot this plant can do to help out in the sack, from increasing blood flow, to stimulating and loosening tension, to lubricating and warming.


That’s why our new Sex Kit makes the cutest self-care package for someone who needs to show themselves a little more. We’re talking Foria’s famous Awaken CBD lubricant, we’re talking a Ritual body oil from Cordial Organics (do with it what you will). Also included is feminist sex toy company, Dame’s Kip vibrator in lavendar, plus a lush Boy Smells candle in the flavor Ash. Sounds like a nice night in.

Miss Grass Beauty Kit

Image of Miss Grass Beauty Kit.
Miss Grass Beauty Kit, $160

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that every woman and femme person needs a skincare regimen. And if you don’t already have one, well, it’s almost 2020. Time to take care of that epidermis. It’s in that spirit that Miss Grass’ Beauty Kit was born. We want introducing your face to CBD to be as simple as possible.


That means introducing you to Apothecanna’s Everyday Face and Body CBD oil, with a matching Skin Gym rose quartz face roller. This goodie bag also includes Vertly’s addictive lip and skin balm, plus the highly-covetable Night Cream from super cool new brand, Haoma. See how easy? Commence beautification in 3, 2, 1…

Miss Grass Pain + Recovery Kit

Image of Miss Grass Pain Kit.
Miss Grass Pain Kit, $140

Need a gift so good, it hurts? Got a friend or family member who’ve injured themselves or who are in recovery mode right now? The Pain Kit has their name on it. Plus, you don’t have to be an athlete to use a little topical CBD at the end of a long hard day of sitting in a cubicle. That shit is damaging.


In this kit, you’ll get a travel size tincture from Lily (easily one of the chicest brands we stock), as well as a Pain Relief patch from our friends at The Good Patch. You’ll also find a Miss Grass office favorite in Dr. Kerklaan’s Natural Pain Healing Creme. And Apothecanna’s Extra Strength Relieving Spray works exactly like it says on the tin. You won’t regret. Now lay down, before you hurt yourself.

Miss Grass Period Kit

Image of Miss Grass Period Kit.
Miss Grass Period Kit, $130

Oh periods. How we loathe you, yet how relieved (in most cases) we are to see you each moon cycle. And listen, whether yours lasts for 72 hours, or tortures you for days and days on end, we can all agree a little relief goes along way when it comes to PMS. Thank Goddess for CBD, amirite?


In your Period Kit, you’ll find another Dr. Kerklaan cult favorite; his Natural PMS Pain Cream and Life Element’s Bliss Bath Bomb, for full body relaxation and relief. The Good Patch also have a Period patch in there, so you can stick it to your lower abdomen area and go about your business a little more comfortably. You’ll also get Happy Clam from Quim. The brand calls it “eye cream for your vagina,” so enough said, really.

By Jerico Lee

November 5, 2019

Jerico Mandybur is Miss Grass’ resident Weed Witch. The best-selling author, modern spiritual guide, and former editorial director of Miss Grass, is our go-to source for all things tarot, magic, and witch-related.