Is it cuffing season, puffing season, or are you just happy to see me? Well, with February starting high and strong during a Mercury Retrograde moment, we’ll need a healthy dose of insight to reconcile our realities and our expectations.

With five planets in zany Aquarius, and the new moon on February 11 making it six, get ready for an eccentric, unexpected Valentine’s season. This month, opportunities to express your free-flowing ideas and to think out of the box in all areas of life will be more available than ever.

Psychological flexibility, willingness to look at things with fresh new perspectives, and breaking free from boring rigidity will be your lifesavers! Just keep your favorite varietals and vapes close; Mercury RX’s random tech mishaps may just drive a sister to smoke!

Read on for your High Horoscopes February 2021.

Aries woman illustrationARIES:

Social media, texts, and constant communication got you feeling bogged down? It’s truly high time to get to that social media fast that your soul so desperately needs. Let your folks know you’ll be taking a little break from the hustle and bustle, and spend your off-time preparing for how to move back into the social space with more intention and definable goals. The community still needs you, we just need the best of you; so take the space to make it happen.

Plant Ally: Lavender—to calm the mind and organize your thoughts!
Mercury RX Mantra: I am better when I take breaks to regroup.

Taurus woman illustrationTAURUS:

It’s 2021, Taurus. Let’s stop giving folks reason to call you the most “stubborn” sign of the zodiac (*insert eye roll here*). Take a deep belly breath and reshift your most sedentary emotions. Still letting something that happened years ago stop you from making the moves your soul is crying for? Still hiding your truth in a cocoon to appease others? STOP! Shake it up, NOW! Do something radical to remove the weight from your shoulders and watch your wings spread.

Plant Ally: Try a fresh varietal that you’ve never tried before!
Mercury RX Mantra: Radical change is nourishing; I practice doing things differently!

Gemini woman illustrationGEMINI:

This month, you’re directing traffic on the information interstate, Gemini! Cutting-edge ideas and unexpected breakthroughs are coming to and through you at lightning speed. Make sure to keep a notebook or a journal close, so you can write down your most important and authentic strokes of genius this month. Refine your thoughts (call your Libra friend to help with this), and share them with the world in the form that suits you best. Just make sure to stay grounded as your brain flies high!

Plant Ally: Headband—to keep your feet on the ground while your head’s in the clouds.
Mercury RX Mantra: I am a thinker, mover, and changer of minds.

Cancer woman illustrationCANCER:

Nobody’s perfect, Cancer, but this month is an opportunity to let your community help you be your own mirror. So…what exactly are you afraid of? Go ahead and answer that out loud, right now…we’ll wait! Once you’ve identified those fearsome hindrances to your power, who do you know and trust that can help you build a game plan for smashing through those? Lean into addressing this fear daily with others in as many ways as possible and by March, you’ll be a powerhouse.

Plant Ally: Red Dragon—a sativa to bring the breath of fire and eye of the tiger!
Mercury RX Mantra: If I’m brave enough to look at my fears, I’m courageous enough to move through them!

Leo woman illustration - horoscopesLEO:

This Valentine’s season was made for you, Leo. Expect the unexpected when it comes to your relationships this month, as connections you’ve made will be shapeshifting right before your eyes. Traditional Mercury retrograde experiences bring up opportunities to rehash old conversations (or have unexpected ones), to fall into old patterns (or finally undo them), and to rekindle old flames (or finally extinguish them!). As long as you’re open to expecting the unexpected, you’ll be prepared. If partnered, try something kinky (or a week of celibacy). If single, take a calculated risk (or a wild one)!

Plant Ally: Maui Wowie—a favorite for Leo’s explorative side.
Mercury RX Mantra: My relationship life is refreshed, cleansed, and on purpose with my vision.

Virgo woman illustrationVIRGO:

So much to do, so little time, it seems. Your social and work-related obligations seem to take priority over yourself this month, which is very noble of you, Virgo. Contributing to projects that make the world and community a better place is inspiring and purpose-driven! But it’s an easy fail if you burn yourself out too much. Take many self-health breaks, make your therapy sessions, and get some physical movement in to balance the nervous system!

Plant Ally: Northern Lights—just what you need after a long day of hard brain power.
Mercury RX Mantra: My work excels when I prioritize my body’s needs!

Libra woman illustrationLIBRA:

The feeling is like the moment before taking off on a 100 meter dash; positioned, prepared, and ready for explosivity! Hit. The. Ground. Running, Libra! There’s a combustible energy available for you right now, and you want to use every moment of it to propel yourself forward into your goals. Let each of the 24 hours in February be full of risk taking, experimental moments of joy, creativity, and fun. Start every day with a deep belly laugh or a stroke of color; your hardest moments will feel like light work!

Plant Ally: What flavor makes you feel colorful and bright? Try that.
Mercury RX Mantra: My joy is my lifeblood; it brings infinite blessings!

Scorpio woman illustrationSCORPIO:

Whether you believe it or not, there are people who truly care for you, Scorpio. Put your feelings to bed for just a moment and think about the folks who’ve truly uplifted you, supported you, gave you resources or words of encouragement when you needed them most. Any time you’re feeling dissociated from who you really are, get in contact with those folks you trust to bring you back. Lean into that and let people know, that you know, that they care. Release grudges liberally.

Plant Ally: Need some extra comfort this month? Try a yummy warm baked edible to remind you of love <3
Mercury RX Mantra: I am lovable, worthy of love, and have experienced love in ways I acknowledge.

Sagittarius woman illustrationSAGITTARIUS:

Quick, without checking, what is the balance of your bank account right now, Sag?! Can you answer? Does that statement give you some anxiety? Well, February is here to the financial rescue. This month, get your financial goals in order. Do you have any money goals? How will you finance the things you’d like to do? Where is your spending frivolous? Who can help you or teach you how to tighten up that purse so you can afford the best things in life, Queen? Find answers to those questions and create a plan for yourself!

Plant Ally: No one likes schwag, so save up and get some top-shelf of your choice when the time’s right!
Mercury RX Mantra: Meticulous management of my money helps me be freer than I could imagine!

Capricorn woman illustrationCAPRICORN:

We’re two months into 2021, Capricorn, but it feels like the new year doesn’t really start for you until you tie up some old ends. It’s time to get comfy, put on a record, and go over any lingering or unfinished projects that didn’t get completed last year. Decide what’s better kept unfinished and vow to leave it there (or simply delete and block if need be). If it still has legs, get to work and complete it this month. Either way, surrender to the endings of things so the new things coming can be acknowledged in their fullness.

Plant Ally: Clove—comforting, cozy, yet invigorating enough to get you going.
Mercury RX Mantra: I surrender to the natural earthy flow of endings and beginnings.

Aquarius woman illustrationAQUARIUS:

We reinvent ourselves daily, as the “us” from yesterday falls away, and the “us” from tomorrow edges closer. Take some time this month to really reflect on the “you” from times past. How are you different than you were last year, five, and ten years ago? What has been your major source of propulsion? What’s that one thing that just kept you striving for better? Consider how you’d like to develop this year, and see what you can consciously commit to changing or prioritizing, so that your long-term goals can continue to be realized. Write it down.

Plant Ally: Jack Flash—to encourage intuitive hits and breakthroughs!
Mercury RX Mantra: Each day I have the power to change and recommit to my purpose.

Pisces woman illustrationPISCES:

Happy Birthday, Pisces! Are we in a dream? Are things what they seem? This month may come with a whirlpool of psychic insight for you, so having your spiritual antennae cleansed and prepared to receive divine messages is a must. Now’s a time, more than ever, to stay inside and not burn yourself out on external experiences. Celebrate your solar return with a solo ritual, before going all out. Acknowledge the gift of just being; being alive, being yourself, and being so close to the Goddess.

Plant Ally: Mugwort—to take your mind and heart to the dreamy place.
Mercury RX Mantra: I am a receiver for divine insight, and for that helpful gift, I am grateful.

By The AfroMystic

January 28, 2021

The AfroMystic is an Astrologer, Diviner, Hoodoo Worker, and Black Witch based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s the founder of, where she helps femme folx deepen their spiritual ties to their ancestral line, one thread at a time.