Oops! You did it again. And not in the cheeky Britney way. Even though you swore this was the year you’d get it together, you put off gift shopping and now you’re this close to missing those guaranteed delivery deadlines.

But don’t pull your hair out and scream “why am I like this?!” just yet. Calming CBD is here for you—and for the lucky folks on the receiving end of your gift giving.

Just add these timely pleasers to cart. And *ahem* tick tock.

Tsubota Pearl Petrol Lighter, $39

BIC, bye! This Tsubota Pearl lighter is the kind of gift that will actually go appreciated and, more importantly, used year-round. It’s v. practical for any stash bag needs, but even better suited for the center of an on-display smoking setup, since it’s so chic. With art deco-esque faceting and shine, it’s something special for someone special. Hot tip: Show it off bedside, on your coffee table, close to your porcelain throne—wherever you want to add a little ohh ahh to sparking up.

Prismatic Plants Good Night Tincture, $70

Getting more than 40 winks every night shouldn’t be that much of a tall order, but here we are. It’s been a tiring year or four, and on top of that, this is an especially tiring season. Enter this tincture. With a magical formulation including snooze-y terp CBN, lavender, and adaptogenic herbs, this bedtime buddy gets you dozing deep for, well, the sleep of your dreams. And it won’t even give you that drowsy-verging-on-hungover feeling in the AM. Good sleep is a literal gift. Give it, and make someone’s nights.

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts, $65

Yes, baths are for cleansing. But any student of self-care (and aren’t we all?) knows that bathtime is made for so. Much. More. A good soak is a ritual full of sacred things like moody candles, a ~chill~ playlist, sometimes a joint, and of course, the bottled delights you pick to slather on. For the latter, tip-top on the list should be Lord Jones’ bath salts. Rich in the bod-benefitting goodness of CBD, epsom and pink Himalayan salts, and essential oils, it’ll soothe your skin and maybe even your soul. Relaxation and luxury in a jar? Let your giftee be the judge.

Calivolve CBD Cherry Truffle, $30

Chalky, bland Advent calendar chocolates these are not. Calivolve’s truffles are a no-brainer for lovers of sweets (so basically everyone), and not just for their delectable dark chocolate and cherry taste. At 20mg of full-spectrum CBD a pop, they satisfy cravings for calmness too. And if you’ve got vegan or GF peeps you need to shop for, or a best friend who gets really crampy and/or hangry for chocos when her period strikes, they’ll be forever grateful you brought these into their life.

BEBOE Calming Blend CBD Vaporizer Pen, $75

When the main goal is finding zen, reach for BEBOE’s CBD vape pen. A slim, sleek design makes it discreet and easy to carry at all times, and you’ll want to—all natural, full-spectrum CBD helps manage stress, pain, and inflammation on-the-go. Plus, botanically derived citrus terpenes like grapefruit give a refreshing, uplifting zip. It’s 120 doses of fast-acting, chill-the-f-out relief at your fingertips—the whole (holiday) package. Puff, puff, peace.

Papa & Barkley Hemp Capsules, $59.99

For the CBD rookie, cannabidiol in its many forms and doses can be overwhelming. But everybody’s taken some sort of capsule, which is why these from Papa & Barkley should be your go-to gift for who you want to intro to CBD—they prob have “try new things” on their list of resolutions anyway. A precise, single dose of 30mg per all-natural cap takes away the guesswork while relieving the bod and the mind.

The Good Patch Hangover Patch, $12

“A little party never killed nobody?” We beg to differ, Fergie. Holiday festivities can be a lot already—when you have too many spiked cocoas or celebratory flutes of bubbly and have to do it all again the next night, it can feel like the end. Nothing this patch can’t fix! Its green tea extract and B complexes will help even out energy levels, and that throbbing headache? 15mg of premium CBD can and will handle that for up to 24 hours. If you’re looking for something you can gift yourself too, chances are you won’t be sorry you grabbed an extra few of these.

Cordial Organics Gua Sha & Nourish Facial Oil, $18

The idea of skincare is sometimes intimidating with the multi-step processes touted today. In reality, skincare isn’t one size fits all, but this facial oil and gua sha set is. Packed with 150mg CBD, skin-loving chia, vitamin e, and more, the oil gives your face the nourishment and anti-inflammation it always wants. And for an extra-effective way to get that oil worked into the ‘dermis, the gua sha massage tool is heaven—it promotes blood flow, decreases puffiness, and TBH just feels gooood. Choose jade or rose quartz, whichever reminds you of the special someone you’re picking this out for, and advise them to keep it in the fridge or freezer for supreme indulgence.

By Kayla Noriega

December 4, 2019