Just like that, the holidays are in full-swing. And we get it, sometimes coping with this time of year comes down to pushing through and figuring out just how quickly you can funnel that coffee or matcha — or have it administered through IV drip! But that feels like a missed opportunity, because this time of year also brings so many people together to connect, to catchup, and to share stories. So, what if we collectively assigned this holiday season a real purpose? What if we all made a promise to change some minds before the clock strikes 2019?

It’s a big commitment. But the way we see it, this holiday season is an especially important one because it’s the first when gifting cannabis is actually an option — and a chill option, at that. If each of us promises to introduce the magic of cannabis (CBD counts!) to at least two new people between now and December 31, we’ll have made a meaningful impact on the perception of the plant this year.

And that would be a really big accomplishment.

While cannabis is a powerful tool for healing, its power extends well beyond the conditions it treats. Its power to heal extends into the lives of the people directly affected by the War on Drugs. Every opportunity you take to change someone’s perception of the plant, you are contributing to a much bigger and much more important conversation — one around the deeply-rooted and racist political agenda that continues to inform society’s understanding of cannabis and one that continues to disproportionately target communities of color.

What this all means is that your challenge, should you choose to accept, is to take your holiday responsibility very seriously. As in, promise to bumble your way through the chat you’ve been meaning to have. Promise to let the discomfort of it all take your breath away. And promise to do your best, because in doing so, you’ll have done your part.

Our very first MG Gift Guides were built with this promise in mind — gifts for everyone on your list, gifts to spark debate, and gifts to change some goddamn minds.

Miss Grass Holiday Gift Guide
This time of year is a lot. Anxiety and stress are at an all-time. And pressures to wrap the year, whilst maintaining an air of holiday cheer is enough to make even the zen-est of masters beg for a CBD vape just to get by. For that guy, try the Gift of Chill complete with BEBOE, Apothecanna, Plant People, Juna, Cordial Organics, and Life Elements.

Miss Grass Holiday Gift Guide
If you’re not on the gua sha tip, what tip are you even on? Rubbing your face (and body!) with a little and smooth rose quartz or jade stone, and pairing it with a delicious CBD-infused face oil, has got to be the most decadent of indulgences. But if you’re already on that tip, may we suggest Ildi Pekar’s CBD repairing serum, Cannuka’s CBD eye balm, or Cordial Organic’s CBD mist? More where that came from with the Gift of Beauty.

Miss Grass Holiday Gift Guide
For any true sleep hygiene freak, a restful night is about so much more than falling asleep fast. It’s about the ritual of winding down, the luxury of staying asleep, and the promise of looking like your absolute dewiest self the morning after. The Gift of Sleep is the most generous gift and includes Apothecanna, Wildflower, Irie and a whole bunch of our other top picks for the Zzz-train.

Miss Grass Holiday Gift Guide
Vape, roll, drop, rub, and mist your way to a little less inflammation, dryness, soreness, and discomfort — because you can! For anyone on your list with injuries, arthritis, or an otherwise active lifestyle, the Gift of Relief will make you v. popular. The picks include the Chronic Tonic, Ned, Wildflower and more.

Miss Grass Holiday Gift Guide
“Pleasure” isn’t just grandma speak for “sex”. It’s about relishing in the beauty of your nail beds, slathering that babe in body oil, slipping into effervescent CBD baths (together perhaps?), and yes, putting CBD lube all over your fancy bits. The Gift of Pleasure is probably not for your conservative boss, but may be better for your zany aunt. But who you gift Foria lubricant to is really your call to make. Oo-la-la.

By Anna Duckworth

December 6, 2018