What does cannabis mean to you? Maybe it means binge-watching all of Broad City with some potato chips and your best friend. Maybe it means healing and self-care. Or maybe it means a commitment to do something about our black and brown brothers and sisters in incarceration on minor drug charges.

Either way, we need to destigmatize cannabis if we’re going to put an end to its demonization once and for all. And however you choose to do that, at one time or another it’s going to mean simply ~blazing it.~ 

To start? You can throw out that dirty, oodly macho excuse of a pipe and replace it with something you’d be proud to display on your nightstand. Something chic but chill, that says “Yeah, I smoke weed and take CBD supplements and I’m proud. And also, it’s no big deal. And also, I got it on Miss Grass.”

Sculpted Simplicity

Raw, ceramic exterior. Glazed, cleanable interior. All-white and sculptural—it’s no surprise that Tanjun means “simplicity” in Japanese—this pipe is cool enough to keep on the coffee table. If you’re into pipe smoking, there’s probably no better way to spend your weekend than in the backyard, taking in some spring sunshine with this new friend. Not to make a Dad joke but…stairway to heaven, amirite?

Laundry Day Tanjun Pipe
Laundry Day Tanjun Pipe, $60

Silver Bullet

Well color you discreet. This keychain from the chic as fuck INDA Creations looks like a bullet-shape silver (or gold!) trinket until you unscrew it and realise it’s a mini pipe. We don’t need to explain the benefits of a subtle smoking device. You already know. But we will say that it’s limited edition and comes with both a matchbook and hand-stamped INDA pouch. Enjoy.

INDA Creations Pipe Keychain
INDA Creations Pipe Keychain, $69

Smoke the Rainbow

Meet my new favorite thing in my whole house. This Fundamental Berlin ashtray is a wonder; it’s psychedelic but modern, catches the light, and makes a living space 70 percent more interesting. Because it’s handmade with heavy crystal (with a special chromatic film on the underside), it also doubles as a rainbow paper weight slash jewelry dish slash interesting piece of decor whose only function is to look cute. Mission accomplished, Regebogen. Mission accomplished.

Fundamental Berlin Regenbogen Ashtray
Fundamental Berlin Regenbogen Ashtray, $90

Secret Stash

Available in three different sizes, in two colors (black or a rich blue), these leather pouchettes finally answer the question “How can I make sure I don’t accidentally show off my stash every time I open my bag at work?” And get this: Each zippy wallet from Asche Industries comes with a scent-blocking removable pocket designed to keep your flower aromas to yourself. Genius.

Asche Industries Leather Pouchette
Asche Industries Leather Pouchette, $135

Mrs Sippy

Barbari isn’t just a delicious Iranian flatbread, you know. It’s also the name of your new go-to brand for (equally delicious) herbal blends. You can smoke them (alone or with cannabis flower), drink them as tea, or burn them as incense and they come in two distinct offerings. We recommend blend No. 2; peppermint, jasmine, raspberry leaf, and sage—all curated to revive your body and inspire your mind. We feel relaxed just writing about it.

Barbari Herbal Blend No. 2
Barbari Herbal Blend No. 2, $25

C’est une Pipe

Le Pipe is the signature product from WoC-owned and run brand House of Puff and it’s easy to see why; it’s everything you want in a pipe. A simple, handcrafted porcelain design, a modern, minimalist aesthetic, and an almost millennial pink shade (because we are not above color trends). Each pipe comes with a cute carry case that says “High Functioning” on the front, plus unbleached, natural rolling papers. Perfect gift.

House of Puff Le Pipe
House of Puff Le Pipe, $45

Mama Roach

I never thought I’d say these words, but: this is one stylish roach clip. Available in 18K gold vermeil or black rhodium, it’s a pendant necklace in the shape of a key one minute, and a handy joint-holding device the next. Utilitarian and tasteful—who knew? If you prefer your keys extra key-y, Miss Grass also offers the Asche pendant as a luxury key ring. Choose your own adventure.

Asche Industries Gold Key Clip
Asche Industries Gold Key Clip, $165


Mellow Yellow

Speaking of ~aesthetic~ pipes, Laundry Day’s hand-blown Hudson pipes are beyond beautiful. They come in six shades of colored glass (or opaque black) so you can watch smoke gently billow through the disc-shaped chamber—which not only looks cool, but lets it cool down and smooth right out before you inhale. And if that whole process doesn’t sound mellow to you, then honestly, what don’t know what will.

Laundry Day Hudson Pipe yellow
Laundry Day Hudson Pipe, $65


By Jerico Lee

April 19, 2019

Jerico is a writer, editor, and spiritual coach based in LA and the author of "Neo Tarot" and "Daily Oracle".