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August 10th, 2018

Can CBD Save My Feet From High Heel Trauma?

Celebrities have been reaching for the CBD to soothe their high heel trauma for a while now. But the secret's out now and these are the products that are leading the charge.

Frivolous as some celebrity news may come across, their influence can be momentous for social change, and occasionally also excellent for your fashion, beauty, or entertainment game. Stylist Karla Welch—who dresses celebs like Olivia Wilde—was the first to tell tabloids about using CBD creams on famous feet. But people have been doing this for ages to manage all types of achy shoe woes.

So even while sneakers are making yet another comeback in womenswear, heels are still fashionable, desirable, and worn by more than just women. Nothing completes a look like a walkable pair of high shoes. But even those can cause wear and tear after you pound the pavement or the dance floor all night. Some heels just downright hurt, no strenuous activity required. And if you want to wear them, you deserve some respite too.

Anyone who works on their feet should invest in a care regimen. This is where CBD, the non-psychoactive healing compound found in the cannabis plant, comes in handy.

Before and after any such foot tortures, even if just from a long day in sneakers or a 10 mile hike up to LA’s famous Griffith Observatory. It’s anti inflammatory goodness and when combined with other pain relieving botanicals, can be a complete godsend. Adding another non-medical remedy, Yoga Toes with CBD can make your feet feel brand new.

CBD alone works fine, but with other potent plants, it’s a dream product for soreness and inflammation. Before strapping anything to your 26 foot bones, try massaging some Apothecanna Circulating Leg And Foot Creme, infused with the blessed smells and powers of frankincense, lavender, and chamomile. The soothing smell is also great for helping you ignore any pangs of social anxiety while prepping to go out.

CBD + Healing Stick by Wildflower is the best choice for post party pain. Swipe on arnica, wintergreen and CBD in an easy to use and cooling format, then hit the pillows. This is where you want to use toe separators, and if you have time to soak your feet before bed, you’ll be as good as new in the morning.

No matter how you treat your body’s most distant extremities, they can always use more love. Considering they’re meant to carry you for decades, it’s best to pay close attention to the health of your feet—especially if heels are on the agenda.

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