For most of us, our first time smoking weed happens with a joint. It’s convenient and most of the parts required don’t raise any suspicion. Just as seen in the films like Dazed and Confused or Pineapple Express, the art of rolling the perfect joint is something that is passed down between men—it’s like a right of passage. And so, over here at Miss Grass, we wanted to see if—despite the absence of any representation in mainstream media—there was much of a tradition between women too.

We went about asking women from all walks if they knew how to roll a joint and a disappointing majority did not know how. They revealed that they’ve tried rolling a joint many times, but a brother or boyfriend or man friend always jumped in. No one took the time to teach them how to do it, so they gave up learning and always passed the job to someone else.

But that’s silly and we want to fix this once and for all. Because just as making your own damn money will set you free, so too will a joint rolled all by yourself. In three easy steps, here’s how to roll up.

May nobody ever be left standing on the sidelines again.

Step 1: Never underestimate the grinder

Similar to how ingredients make the meal, a good-quality grinder is key to rolling the ultimate joint. Sure, you can break the bud down with your hands, but if you want a smooth and flavorful burn, use a grinder. This tool will make getting your weed to the perfect smoking consistency seamless.

All you have to do is pick out the bud’s stems and evenly space pieces of the bud in the grinder. Then, grind the weed until all the chunks are gone. What would have taken minutes to do by hand is done in seconds—and most importantly, done well.

Step 2: Remember to prep before you roll

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned smoker, don’t rush into rolling. Set yourself up for the most success by gathering all the components needed for the perfect joint before you dive in.

24K Gold Rolling Papers by Shine
24K Gold Papers by Shine, $55

First, push aside your freshly grounded weed—we will come back to that in a bit. Grab a rolling paper and cardboard filter. Most paper packets like Raw Classic Papers come with filters, but if you’re in a bind, you can rip a piece from a business card or magazine and roll the scrap into a small tube. Filters are important because they stop loose weed from flying into your mouth, as well as prevent you from burning your fingers. As for rolling papers, this is where you can get creative. Rolling papers come in a variety of colors, patterns and even flavors, so don’t be afraid to make a statement with your joint. For instance, celebrate an important milestone with 24K gold papers.

Classic Rolling Papers by Raw
Classing Papers by Raw, $9

From there, line up the filter with one side of the rolling paper. Remember to put the glue side of the rolling paper up, otherwise you won’t be able to seal the joint. Carefully sprinkle the ground flower as evenly as you can in the crease until the bud is a little more than half the width of the rolling paper. Finally, leave a little room at the end opposite of the filter to make sure you can twist the joint shut.

Now take a deep breath because you’re almost done.

Step 3: Embrace the shape, tuck and roll

This step tends to scare most people, but it shouldn’t. Rolling is not as hard as it looks.

To make sealing up the joint easier, you have to shape it first. Pinch the top of the rolling paper with your thumbs and forefingers and massage the non-sticky side of the rolling paper until the weed takes the shape of a tube.

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Astronomy Matches, $26

As for rolling, your only foe will be doubt. Don’t stop rolling once you’ve begun. Hesitation will destroy your joint more than your lack of experience. When you’re ready, tuck one side of the rolling paper around the tube so that it is fully enclosed. Gently lick the other side of the paper, roll the joint shut and twist the side opposite of the filter so that no weed can fall out.

Finally sit back, spark up with some matches for the occasion, and celebrate your good work. Of course rolling will get easier with more practice, but don’t let your perceptions of who can roll a joint stop you from giving it a shot.

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By Shannon Marie

September 8, 2018

Shannon is a writer based in New York City whose work has appeared in Teen Vogue and Quartz, to name a few.